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Below, you will find a list of multiple videos which will help you to understand the SmartGoals trainingsystem

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How to set up SmartGoals

SmartGoals is simple and quick to setup. In just 2 minutes you are ready to train.

Watch the movie to see how easy it is!

The basic principle

Whenever a player scores through a SmartGoal, the light of that goal will jump to another random SmartGoal, being the new target of the player.

How to connect the SmartRemote with the SmartApp

Connect the SmartRemote with the SmartApp to get even more possibilites like measuring times and scores!

How to use the SmartApp

In order to explain it as clear as possible, we created 3 videos for you:

  1. How to use the basic functions & the time pressure function
  2. How to use the delay function
  3. How to use the lifetime function

Download the app for free on iOS or Android

Unpack your SmartGoal set

Take a look at what you will find in your SmartGoal set and how to make it ready to play.

How to change your trolley wheel

Prepare your trolley for use. This video shows how to attach the wheels to the trolley frame.

How to repair your charger

Do you have some trouble charging your lights? Here are some easy tips to fix your charger.