SmartGoals: SkillGames

More than just a measurement system!

Measure real performance data

Collect individual performance data through the measurement of players’ results during standardized and custom training exercises powered by SmartGoals. 

Standardized exercises include 16 meters sprint, passing maestro, ninja agility and more.

Create your own customized exercises by making the system tailored to your own needs and training philosophy.

Quantify players' development journey in a gamified way, challenging them to keep training and striving for more.

Track growth

SkillGames allows you to monitor the development of players' abilities for 6 different categories: speed, passing, dribbling, agility, reaction, and endurance.

The platform helps to discover key insights. For example, who is the best dribbler, or who has the best reaction skills?

SkillGames concludes whether players are improving over time, stagnating or declining.

Compare results

Compare players against each other or to their very own performances in the past.

Overview of players' ranking based on their average and specific skill scores.

See where your players rank in your team and club.


Help players work harder towards achieving their dreams, by sharpening their competitive instinct.

SkillGames stimulates the players' competitive spirit, and competition drives growth.

Challenge players to always give more during training and beat their personal and teammates' records.

Gaming, Fun & Engagement

Each player receiving their own SkillCard just like in the game is guaranteed fun!

Just like the professionals: the Ronaldos, the Messis, the Van Dijks, kids now have the opportunity to get that real-life videogame-like experience on the pitch.



  • Own their custom SkillCard like their idols
  • Track personal growth
  • Compare and compete with friends
  • Have fun while improving


  • Track players' growth
  • Discover new talents
  • Design your own tests
  • Challenge players
  • Adapt training sessions to strenghts and weaknesses of players


  • Gain insights in players' development
  • Scout and market new talents
  • Club and fan engagement using football cards 2.0


  • Track your childrens growth
  • A tool to get your kids active and engaged
  • Ensured fun and entertainment

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