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The SmartApp

SmartGoals provides everyone with a free downloadable application for both iOS and Android users. There are four main features on this application:

Basic controls

Besides that the application consists of the same functions as the SmartRemote, it also delivers some extra features like a time pressure, a delay and the amount of lives. This challenges your players even more!

Iphone 6 nieuwe app controls


Keep the scores of your players during a particular exercise with the scorebord feature.

Iphone 6 nieuwe app scoreboard


Record the time from one to the other SmartGoal or the amount of goals that should be scored within a specific time with the stopwatch feature.

Iphone 6 nieuwe app stopwatch


Look at past times and scores using the Results feature. Check your player's progress and delete faulty scores.

Iphone 6 nieuwe results

The SmartApp

Count scores, meassure times and save your results. This and more with the free downloadable SmartApp for IOS and Android.


Control the SmartGoals.
Add a time pressure or a time limit. Learn about all controls by watching the movie below. 


Count scores of teams and players in all kinds of exercises with the scoreboard feature. Which team will get the highest score today?


Record the time between SmartGoals.
Very useful for sprint and agility tests. Find out where players can improve and compare them with others. Works with split times and final times.


Save results, name them and compare them with yourself and with others. Monitor the progress of your players with the results feature.

Exercise Database

Access to over a 100 filmed exercises for different sports: football/soccer, fieldhockey, fitness, physiotherapy and PE class.