Eric Verboom - Hockey

Head coach HC Den Bosch and Assistant Coach German national men's team


My name is Eric Verboom and I’m a fieldhockeycoach. As a former player it made sense to follow my passion and become a coach. After different experiences in Holland (Nat. Men’s team) Belgium (Dragons) and Trinidad & Tobago I became head coach of HC Den Bosch and assistant of the National German men’s team

I started to use Smartgoals about 1,5 year ago and I’m still developing exercises with it every day. It gives me the opportunity to add different dimensions to my exercises. I use smartgoals in warming-ups, passing exercises, games, scoring drills and as start-up for exercises.

Carlo Kasterman - Football

Owner SportNav, Manager fitness centre and teacher fitness trainer A. Owner Twentsche football school, technical youth coordinator amateur football.

I achieved a degree in sports and after this have done many specialization studies. Since 1990 I work within the fitness and football industry.


I use SmartGoals for teams at teams that appear to be on a dead track. We use them as testing equipment in which the players need to improve awareness whilst keeping their technique level. This fits within our cognitive training program. This helps the players improve their automatism.

Gavin Levey - Football

Head of academy coaching at Aberdeen FC


Here at Aberdeen Football Club, SmartGoals are utilised to compliment our Academy coaching curriculum. Awareness is one of the four main pillars in our individual player development programme, so the SmartGoals modern technology provides a unique system that forces our young players to recognise their surroundings and react quickly to changing situations, similar to the actual game. As an ambitious club, we continue to seek innovative methods to help players and coaches develop their individual potential and I am confident that this technology can help us achieve long term gains.

Timo Kleinhesselink - Football

Owner of SportBrein.com - Expert in cognitive training

My name is Timo Kleinhesselink and i am the owner of Sportbrein. I started this company to train the brain of a athlete. I also write a blog every week about the brain and sports.  The next step is to wirte a E-book.

timo photo

I am using SmartGoals to train different brainfunctions. The most important one is Motor Inhibition. Research shows that: “The highly talented group showed superior motor inhibition as measured by stop signal reaction time (SSRT) on the Stop Signal task and a larger alerting effect on the Attention Network Test, indicating an enhanced ability to attain and maintain an alert state.