The SmartGoals Timing System

Timing System


Do you want to measure the speed of a player between two points?  Than the SmartGoals timing system is perfect for you! A set is includes four special poles in which you can place SmartLights. They are easily installed. 

The system is accurate up to 0,01 seconds

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Use sprintframes together with the SmartGoalsApp stopwatch function!  
Time measurements are easy by using both our sprintframes and our app. This video shows you how this is done and the possibilities that this offers! 

The system measures with an accuracy of 0,01 second precisie

Also use our split time function!

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Split times

Use our app to look at the split times of each run!
The times are measured with an accuracy of 0,01 second.

This can be used to improve the training of each player. You can see if a player decreases in speed throughout an exercise and can adjust on this.

The split times can be seen within the results tab of the SmartGoals app.

The advantages of a timing system


Place SmartGoals at different heights to create new exercises or improve some exercises.


Useful for many different sports. This is a great addition if you have a variety of exercises and sports that are practiced.


Create new and creative exercises to further improve your player's performances. The timing system creates new opportunities for the coach to create challenging training methods.


Measure the players sprint speed with an accuracy of o.01s! The height adjustability creates for a more accurate and reliable measurement



A system is composed out of  four poles with which two gates can be created. The SmartLights need to be bought separately.

The SmartApp

SmartGoals offers an app which is free to download. The app is available for both IOS and Android. The app has four main functions:

Control the goals from a distance
Add goals, switch them, and place time limits

   Scorebord function
    Keep track of scores 

    Check detailed results of a game including split times. 
    Use it to keep track of improvements

Stopwatch function
Measure your time, do a sprint test, dribble test or any other time pressure exercise. 

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