SmartGoals tools

On this page you can find multiple manuals to get the most out of the SmartGoals products.

Implementation plan

We created a roadmap to integrate the SmartGoals easily within your club. You can find the implementation plan here and learn how to stimulate the use of the SmartGoals by adding the following:


  • A management system for the SmartGoals
  • An integration procedure  about training your trainers within the club
  • Creating awareness of the SmartGoals exercise database which is accesible for every trainer of the club
  • Creating awareness of the features of the SmartGoals app
  • Creating awareness of the services SmartGoals offers to your club

Quick start guide

Download an example of the quick start guides of the following sports here:

  • Left: Quick start guide for football
  • Right: Quick start guide for hockey


Download the SmartGoals app for your tablet or phone below.

Basic Controls

Trolley manual

Our SmartGoals trolley manual explains to you how to assemble your trolley. Click here to open the manual.




SmartRemote manual

Our SmartRemote manual explains to you how to use your SmartRemote. Click here to open the manual.




Instruction Manual

Our Instruction Manual contains the following information:

  1. Safety instructions
  2. User instructions
  3. Basic problem solving
  4. Our warranty policy

Click here to view our instruction manual

Terms and conditions

Download the our terms and conditions here.

Download our privacy policy here.